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Cutter is driven by individual motor and reducer.
Two axles with cutter blades are paralleled to provide cutting power, pressing powerand friction power between cutters for pulling the material into the machine.
High efficiency torque obtained from low speed twin axles construction drives powerful crush and shred.
Power can be controllable depending upom shredding materials.
Continuous shredding is performed by differentiated rotation speed of cutter blade.
It is not necessary to cut into small pieces even for shredding a large material.
It shreds almost eveerything like large urban threshes and industrial wastes.
Minimal maintenance is required for changing damaged cutter blades.
Super charged reducer which is suitable for shredder has been developed from many years' technical innovation. It provides low noise and high performance.
When the material is not shredded due to overload capacity, electronic controller stops the operation for a certain period, and then the twin axles rotate in reverse and forward mode respectively. After a few attempts, the controller sends a signal for unshreddable materials to remove alien substances. Overload protection and checking system for unshreddable materials are featured.
Low pollution design removes dust-proofing, sound-proofing and dust collecting systems.