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Single helical gears with parallel shafts are used. The pinion is constructed of carefully selected case-hardening steel, then subjected to carburization and hardeningm, after which, the tooth surfaces are lapped. The gears of case-hardening areel are treated by the carburizing and hardening processes and given a finish in pairs by precision lapping machines.
Depending upon their output classifiation, alloy steel and carbon steel are used, and such processes as quenching, tempering, high-frequency hardening and the "Tufftrided" treatment are used when appropriate. Gear tooth surfaces are finished by grinding, shaving, etc., to comply with the thermal treatment specifications.
The casing is compact and divided into two sections, upper and lower, to facilitate easy access for maintenance and inspection. The casing is available in cast iron and welded steel plate, both of which feature maximum strenth and rigidity. In adddition, the casing is designed to accommodate the easy attachment of a back-stop, oil pan and forced lubrication device.
The shafts are constructed of alloy or carbon steel for machine use and, thanks to appropriate thermal treatment based on carefully detailed planning and design, the shafts withstand peak loads as well as overhung loads.
Designed to meet any operating conditions, the high quality, highly efficient roller bearings (self-aligning roller bearings) and tapered roller bearings are highly resistant to friction and withstand radial and thrust loads.