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MOTOX-G는 Geared motor의 토르크 범위를 80,000 Nm까지 증가 시켰습니다. 이것은 Geared motor 시장에서의 혁신적인 일이며 산업용 기어 유니트의 기술과 기어드모터의 경제성이 결합된 것입니다.
MOTOX-G는 기존의 기어드 모터에 적용될 수 있는 모든 연결 요소들이 입력축 및 출력축에 적용 될 수 있습니다. 또한 구동 시스템의 다양한 모니터링 기기들과 함께 설치도리 수 있습니다.
더욱이 MOTOX MASTER 의 Motor integrated frequency inverter 또는 MOTOX DRIVE Frequency inverter와 결합되면 정적인 드라이브를 가변속 드라이브로 변화시킬 수 있는 간편한 방법을 제시해 줄 수 있습니다.
Economical & Environmentally friendly
Low price at high performance level
Simple installation, no oil fittings
No oil change necessary
Lower energy consumption throug high efficiencies
Smooth and silent running
Completely sealed & ligh
High - grade shaft seals
No housing ventilation necessary
Few, optimised sealing surfaces
Housing and attachment parts made from
----die-cast aluminium with a good thermal conductivity
Powerful & long - lasting
Proved, reliable CAVEX gearing sets
Adequately dimensioned high quality bearings
Compact and sturdy construction
SC = Basic Gear Unit with housing flanges (C-types), lifetime lubricated with high performance synthetic gear oil, suitable for all mounting positions
Variations of Input side
M = Motor (IM B14* oder IM B5)
----(Terminal box mountable in 4 positions)*
K4 = Adapter flange* for IEC-Standard Motors
----(IM B14 oder IM B5)
A = Input shaft extension*
----(only to be assembled at the factory)
Variations of Output side
C = 2 Feet*
----(mountable in 3 positions: "6h / 9h / 12h")*
FK = Short flange (A-type)*
-----(mountable on both sides)*
FL = Long flange (A-type)*
-----(mountable on both sides)*
E1 = Push in-shaft with single shaft extension**
-----(mountable on both sides)**
E2 = Push in-shaft with double shaft extension**
D = Torque arm**
----(mountable on both sides in 5 positions)**
* These assembly groups are assembled unassembled for flexible assembly during installation.
** These assembly groups are supplied unassembled for flexible assembly during installation.
All assembly groups and parts are available from stock and deliverable therefore at short notice.